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A lot of press is given to discussing women’s health and hormone replacement therapy. Men can also suffer from various ailments and illnesses due to aging and loss of hormones. If your doctor or primary care specialist has determined that drug therapy can benefit you, then pharmaceutical compounding may be the answer for you. Drug compounding can address a wide range of male health issues:

  • Erectile disfunction
  • Loss of libido or sex drive
  • Prostate issues
  • Bladder disfunction
  • Muscle and joint issues
  • Hair loss
  • Fungal infections
  • Excessive or night sweating
  • Chronic halitosis or bad breath
  • Aging or brittle skin issues

Our pharmacists can also use compounding to address nutrition or vitamin deficiencies. You may have developed health issues due to a lack of a specific vitamin or trace mineral, and compounding can be used to develop a supplement specific to your needs. Taking a generic multivitamin may not be the answer, so discuss this with us or your health professional.

Compounding for men’s health allows us at the pharmacy to use drugs prescribed by your doctor, in doses you cannot get over-the-counter or without a prescription, and create a specified treatment plan for you. Your recovery should be much faster than hit-or-miss treatments or generic drugs. In some cases, your health professional may prefer for us to formulate a cream or lotion to apply to your skin, as this can be a very good way to deliver some drugs to your system.

For hormone replacement therapy, loss of testosterone in men can over time lead to health issues, including:

Heart problems Loss of muscle mass Loss of libido Sleep disorders Depression Anxiety Osteoporosis Impotence

Why suffer when you can use pharmaceutical compounding to address these issues? It is a cost effective and very easy way to resolve male hormone issues, and the many other health issues addressed above. Every man is different, and your drug treatment program should be specific to you, not all men above a certain age as stated by many generics.

Slater Pharmacy can take a prescription from your doctor and create a customized delivery system to be applied to the skin, or even in capsule form to be taken at regular intervals. Ask us about male health compounding, or talk with your health professional about it. We think you will be quickly pleased with the results.


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