A Guide to Treating the Flu This Season

Unfortunately, flu season is here. If you or someone you care for has come down with the flu, there are several ways to treat this virus!

Sick with the Flu

The flu has several symptoms, so identify these symptoms and consider seeing a doctor before treatment. These symptoms include a fever, aches and pains, a runny nose, sore throat, cough, and fatigue. Sometimes flu symptoms hit so hard that individuals are stuck in bed. With the help of self-care and medication, you or a loved one can feel better soon.

Rest is one of the most important steps in treating the flu. Take off work or school to give your body time to recover from the illness. While you are home and resting, be sure to drink plenty of water. You should drink even more than you normally do to help your body stay hydrated and loosen mucus. If you drink or smoke on a regular basis, it is best to avoid these activities during your flu illness. Tobacco and alcohol can make flu symptoms worse and increase the duration of your illness.

In addition to these self-care remedies, it is a good idea to try medications. These medications include pain relievers for the aches and pains, decongestants for a runny nose, and cough suppressants for your cough. However, make sure you do not give children or teenagers aspirin or a medication with this ingredient. Aspirin can lead to serious illnesses in young people who are recovering from viral viruses.

Follow these steps and you or your loved one can experience treatment for the flu. We here at Slater Pharmacy know the flu isn’t fun. That is why we sell products and medications you can use to treat the flu. Visit our pharmacy at 407 Hawkins Avenue in Lake Ronkonkoma to see what we have to offer, or give our pharmacists a call at 631-588-1590.