Looking to Spend Down Your FSA? Check Out These Surprising Ways

For those with a flexible spending account (FSA), there are a lot of ways to spend your funds. Using an FSA to cover services and items related to your personal medical needs is an excellent way to get the most for your money. For 13 surprising ways to spend down your FSA, continue reading.

1. TENS Unit

Individuals who have a desk job can benefit from the use of a TENS unit. This item helps individuals sit up straight, reducing shoulder, neck, and back pain.

2. Breast pumps

New mothers who are breastfeeding their children can use their FSA to purchase this product, making life a little easier.

3. Sunscreen

Every doctor agrees that sunscreen is important whenever you’re exposing your skin to the sun. Individuals can use their FSA money to stock up on sunscreen for themselves and their family.

Spend Down FSA Account at Slater

4. Sharps containers

Those who use needles or sensitive materials to take their medicine can purchase a Sharps container with their FSA dollars to dispose of these potentially harmful items in a safe way.

5. Glucose and Ketone test strips

If you’re living with diabetes, insurance may not cover your glucose or Ketone test strips. If this is the case, your FSA can cover these costs to be sure you’re getting the supplies you need.

6. Athletic tape

Athletic tape has many different purposes for many different types of athletes. Whether you’re a climber, gymnast, football player, or runner, athletic tape is a great way to spend your FSA.

7. Birthing classes

Are you or your loved one pregnant? If so, enroll in birthing classes with your FSA money to prepare for childbirth.

8. Childbirth

Childbirth is expensive and not all of the costs related to childbirth are covered by insurance. Cover the costs that insurance doesn’t with your FSA.

9. Foreign medical services

If you’re on vacation or traveling, insurance doesn’t always cover overseas medical costs. Tap into your FSA to cover doctor fees internationally.

10. Sales tax on FSA eligible purchases

An FSA is designed to help individuals earn tax-advantaged savings. That is why you can use your FSA to cover sales tax.

11. Medical travel expenses

Do you travel by car, bus, train, or air to see a physician? If you do, you can use your FSA to cover medical-related travel expenses.

12. Co-insurance and co-payments

Insurance covers a lot, but it doesn’t cover co-insurance or co-payments. To reduce your medical expenses, spend your FSA on co-pays or co-insurance.

13. AA Meetings

Anyone who attends AA meetings can do so with their FSA dollars, saving money and helping you get the help you need.

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