Seven Tips to Weather This Year’s Cold and Flu Season

Unfortunately, cold and flu season is approaching. For those who want to avoid getting sick, or want to reduce their symptoms as much as possible, the following blog post contains seven tips to weather this year’s cold and flu season.

1. Get your flu shot asap

As soon as the flu shot is available to you, get it. This way your body can develop the antibodies to fight the flu as soon as possible. Sometimes these antibodies take as long as two weeks to fully develop after getting the shot, so the sooner, the better.

Fighting the Cold and Flu in New York

2. If you think you have the flu, receive care

One way to reduce your symptoms and to prevent those around you from getting sick is seeking a doctor’s care if you feel like you have the flu. Common flu symptoms are chills, high fever, extreme fatigue, and body aches.

3. Don’t take antibiotics

Despite popular belief, antibiotics should not be taken for the flu. While antibiotics kill bacterial infections, they don’t kill the viruses that cause colds or the flu. Antibiotics are not effective and should not be taken if you fall ill this flu season.

4. Give your body time

The flu does not heal overtime. Drink lots of water, rest, and treat your symptoms to recover effectively. Rest allows your immune system to recharge, so give your body time to heal.

5. Know the risks of over-the-counter meds

Some over-the-counter medications can cause problems, such as liver damage. Be sure to check the labels of medications and follow proper dosing.

6. Take single-ingredient medications

The less ingredients you’re taking, the better. To be sure drugs are not negatively interacting with one another, take single-ingredient medications to treat your cold and flu symptoms.

7. Remember there is no cure

The only cure for the common cold and the flu is time. Give your body the time to heal if you do get sick, and be sure to rest up and drink plenty of fluids.

For help weathering cold and flu season, reach out to Slater Pharmacy. We can provide you with cold and flu remedies that can increase your comfort, so contact us at 631-588-1590 today!