What is the Appropriate Use of Antibiotics?

Most of us have heard of antibiotics, and many of us have taken them, but how many of us actually know the appropriate use of antibiotics? While antibiotics are used to fight bacteria, not all antibiotics fight off this bacteria efficiently. Learn the appropriate use of antibiotics by continuing on with this blog post.

Sometimes bacteria become resistant to antibiotics. When this happens, the bacteria are harder to kill and antibiotic-resistance sets in. Many superbugs are immune to antibiotics, such as methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA. Treatments alternative to antibiotics are best for treating superbugs and other illnesses.

Antibiotics don’t treat the common cold, the flu, or other respiratory illnesses, such as acute bronchitis. These are viral infections, and antibiotics only fight bacterial infections. Most coughs and upper respiratory infections are also viral, meaning they cannot be treated with antibiotics. Most doctors will have an alternative form of medicine to try that can treat your viral infection.

Despite popular belief, ear, sinus, and lung infections don’t need antibiotics to be treated either. These infections can go away on their own as long as they are not spreading. Antibiotics will not speed up the recovery process, even though many believe this to be true.

Whenever you are prescribed antibiotics, always follow your doctor’s directions. Taking antibiotics the way your doctor intended is the best way to fight off your infection safely. Never take antibiotics without a prescription or when they are leftover from the last time you are sick. And, of course, always wash your hands to prevent the spread of any bacteria or illnesses.

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