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Drug compounding is not new, but it is getting more attention as people realize there are alternatives to taking poor-tasting medications that can make them feel worse. This is one advantage of flavor compounding, where the pharmacist can add specific flavors, colors, or liquids to make drugs easier to take or more palatable. It’s important to note that flavor compounding does nothing to reduce the efficacy or effectiveness of any medication. In fact, compounding pharmacists take great care to ensure the original drug will be present in the correct dose and provide the maximum effect.

Children can benefit greatly from flavor compounding. A dry, bad-tasting pill may be difficult for them to take. Adding a little sweetness or using essential flavors that they like will make the medication go down much easier. Compounding can also involve using liquids, and the pharmacist can create a liquid suspension of many drugs that can be used with children who may have trouble taking pills.

It’s not only children who can benefit from flavor compounding. Adults have favorite flavors or tastes, and compounding can help them with medications. This can be particularly true for adults suffering from chronic illnesses requiring long-term drug therapies. After a time, a drug may become unpalatable and difficult to swallow. Simply changing the flavor can trick the taste buds into accepting a drug a patient hadn’t been able to tolerate.

Our pets and other animals also need medications, and flavor compounding can be a great help to them. Many animals won’t take standard medications without a fight, but using a favorite flavor profile can turn a fight into a happy pet or animal. If you have a pet that can detect a pill in a pile of food and eat around it, then talk with our compounding pharmacist about flavoring their medication. We may even be able to compound the drug into a biscuit or treat form your pet will take without complaint. Zoos and animal refuges can benefit from flavor compounding for a wide range of animals, so talk to us about your needs.

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