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What is Neurontin?

Neurontin is a prescription drug that is designed to treat the convulsions and seizures caused by epilepsy. The product is also used to treat nerve pain caused by shingles. Generally speaking, Neurontin is known as an anti-epileptic drug.

The generic name for the product is Gabapentin, however, it can be found in pharmacies and drugstores under various brand names.

It is possible to purchase Neurontin as a solution, tablet, or as a capsule, all of which contain different quantities of the active ingredient. All forms of the product must be taken by mouth.

What is the active ingredient in Neurontin?

The active ingredient in Neurontin is Gabapentin, a compound that is used to treat nerve pain caused by diabetic neuropathy, postherpetic neuralgia, and other forms of neuropathic pain. Gabapentin was first approved for use in 1993 and has been tested extensively. It has been available as a generic pharmaceutical product since 2004.

While the compound is effective when treating focal seizures, its use is not recommended for cases of generalized epilepsy

The amounts of gabapentin in Neurontin products, depending on their strength, are as follows:

  • Capsules: 100 mg, 300 mg, 400 mg;

  • Tablets: 600 mg, 800 mg;

  • Oral solution: 250 mg per 5 mL;

What are the side-effects of Neurontin?

Neurontin’s side-effects include:

  • Dizziness;

  • Drowsiness;

  • Memory loss;

  • difficulty speaking;

  • viral infections;

  • tremors;

  • double vision;

  • fever;

  • jerky movements of the body and eyes;

  • behavioural changes;

  • depression;

  • anxiety;

Please keep in mind that Gabapentin can cause serious breathing problems and you should contact your healthcare provider as soon as possible if you experience any of the physical side-effects mentioned above.

The advantages of purchasing it online?

It is more convenient

Ordering Neurontin from an online pharmacy or drug store only takes a few minutes and the drug is delivered in a couple of days. While the process is convenient by itself, having the ability to buy the product without leaving the house can be invaluable for individuals who are having health issues and need it for treatment.

It is more affordable

Most online pharmacies offer regular promotions on the products that they sell. In some cases, this can make certain pharmaceuticals drop in price by up to 40%. In addition to this, recurring customers may be offered discounts if they purchase a certain number of products.

Online pharmacies are better stocked

Physical pharmacies only restock the products that sell regularly. Unfortunately, this means that they only have a limited supply of pharmaceuticals that are used to treat rare-occurring conditions. However, online pharmacies and drugstores operate like large warehouses. They are better supplied, which means that you will always find the product that you need.

Great for long-term treatments

Online pharmacies enable customers to set recurring orders, which means that the website can be asked to send a certain number of products, every month. This makes it easy to ensure that you will have a constant supply of medicine for long-term treatment.