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What is a Ventolin Inhaler?

The Ventolin HFA is an albuterol inhaler that is primarily used to treat the symptoms of asthma. Unlike other similar products, this one also has a dose counter that makes it easy to see how many doses there are left in the inhaler. The drug is designed to act in a few minutes and its effects can be felt for up to 6 hours, depending on the severity of the illness.

It is important to keep in mind that Ventolin HFA is a prescription inhaler, which means that it can only be purchased with a doctor’s prescription. Using it without a recommendation from a doctor may result in life-threatening side-effects, especially for individuals who are allergic to albuterol sulfate, or who have recently used other types of inhalers.

Furthermore, children that are under the age of 4 should not be given Ventolin HFA as it could put their lives in danger.

What is the active ingredient in a Ventolin Inhaler?

The active ingredient of Ventolin is albuterol sulfate, a compound used to treat asthma. The active ingredient has led to the classification of the product as a “reliever puffer”, as it treats the symptoms of asthma only once they appear. It cannot be used as a prevention method.

As far as restrictions are concerned, inform your doctor if you suffer from heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, seizures or a thyroid disorder. These conditions will be negatively affected by the use of Ventolin HFA or other products that contain albuterol.

What are the side-effects of Ventolin?

The Ventolin HFA inhaler has a built-in dose counter and also automatically doses the drug. This makes it difficult to overdose by mistake. However, as a prescription drug, Ventolin HFA should only be used after consulting a medic, to ensure that none of its ingredients will be harmful to the patient. Furthermore, never increase the dose that the doctor has recommended you take. Albuterol overdoses are fatal and once the compound is in an individual’s system, it is difficult to flush out of the body.

Please note that even if the doctor recommends that you use Ventolin HFA, it is still possible to experience side-effects such as:

  • Wheezing;

  • Severe trouble breathing after using the inhaler;

  • Coughing;

  • Heart problems;

  • Increased blood pressure;

  • Swelling of the mouth and tongue;

  • Hives or rashes;

Contact your healthcare provider if you experience any of these after using Ventolin HFA.

The advantages of purchasing it online

Ventolin HFA is a prescription drug, which can also make it difficult to come by when it comes to physical pharmacies. However, online pharmacies and drugstores are better stocked and offer several other advantages:


Online pharmacies regularly offer discounts on certain products or simply to return customers. This can sometimes make some forms of medications up to 40% more affordable.

Set up recurring orders

Some online drugstores enable their clients to set up recurring orders so that products will be constantly delivered to their home. This can be invaluable to individuals who use Ventolin HFA regularly and want to make sure that they will never run out.

More convenient

Ordering pharmaceutical drugs online is more convenient than having to go to a physical pharmacy every time you run out of a particular product. Furthermore, most orders take under 48 hours to be delivered and can be paid with credit or debit cards, as well as cash.