Meet the Pharmacists

Spiro Monias

Born and raised in Queens, Spiro eventually moved east onto Long Island to follow his dreams of becoming a pharmacist. This was a very big deal in more ways than one. Both of Spiro’s parents were immigrants and he was the first person in the family to not only graduate college, but get a medical degree as well. He graduated from St. John’s in 2003 with his Pharmacology Degree as well as extensive training in diabetes, immunizations, nutrition, vitamins, and nutraceuticals. He learned all about work ethic, leadership, and sacrifice working for a chain pharmacy after school, but eventually found his way to Slater Pharmacy, enjoying the advantages that a private family owned pharmacy can offer. Here he has learned inventory management and customer satisfaction, among other things. He enjoys being a role model for his 4 children and loves spending his free time playing and coaching basketball with them. Did I mention that Spiro speaks Greek & Spanish? Having worked at Slater Pharmacy for 10 years, Spiro is vitally important to our staff and we are blessed to have him as part of our Slater family!

Dr. Jillian Bankoff

Jill began her career in 2008 working right here at Slater Pharmacy. She started out as a cashier and quickly proved to be a very bright and ambitious employee. It wasn’t long before Jill became head technician. As her passion for helping people continued to grow, Jill eventually decided that she wanted to be a pharmacist. Not before long, May of 2016 came around and she graduated from St. John Fisher-Wegmans School of Pharmacy with her Doctorate in Pharmacy! Jill’s special areas of interest include Psychiatric Pharmacy and the treatment of Infectious Disease. In addition, Jill has had research published discussing how over-the-counter supplements and vitamins impact patients with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Her research is now available in over 13 countries! We are especially proud of her and very grateful to have her on our team.

Otto "Art" Minerva

Art has worked at Slater Pharmacy as a pharmacist since 2007, but has been a registered pharmacist for over 50 years! Not only has he been a pharmacist, but also worked for a major pharmaceutical company throughout his career. Art has been instrumental at Slater Pharmacy because his experience transcends much further than general pharmacy knowledge. He is a compounding pharmacist, a nutrition consultant, a diabetes educator, and has expertise in how exercise and diet are affected by medication. Art graduated St. John’s University in 1965 (the year Slater Pharmacy got started!) He has run 6 NYC marathons and enjoys playing competitive tennis in his free time.