Pediatric Compounding

Preparing medications for children can have particular challenges beyond that of adults. A child’s small body size can make correct dosage more critical to treat their illness. In addition, children can be very sensitive to the taste or texture of drugs, making it difficult for them to take their medications as needed.

Compounding can have positive effects for treating children. Dosages can be formulated specifically for the child’s condition, rather than depending on commercial dosages. In many cases the child can have sensitivities to gluten, additives, or even dyes in commercial medications. These can be eliminated by compounding, resulting in medications useful for a wide range of pediatric issues, including:

  • Infections
  • Relief of pain
  • Skin disorders
  • Allergic reactions
  • Diaper rash
  • Head lice
  • Many others

Flavoring can be a particular benefit of compounding for children. They may dislike the taste of a medication, or may simply refuse to take it. By flavoring a compounded medication, the barriers may be removed and the child will take the dosage with less complaint. Bitterness can be replaced with sweetness as needed, keeping in mind the medical issues of sugar diabetes and other medical complications. Once the pharmacist knows the child’s medical history, allergies, and other considerations, the compounded drugs will be manufactured specific to that child’s needs.

A growing concern for parents is autism and information regarding the effects of ingredients in commercial drugs. These ingredients may exacerbate the autistic effects of some children, and can include soy, gluten, casein, sugars, dyes, trace heavy metals, and minerals. Although a parent may not be able to control these compounds in commercial medications, a trained compounding pharmacist can work carefully to ensure a child’s medications are free of complicating additives or non-essential materials that are not needed to make the medication work effectively.

If your child has difficulty taking medications, talk with your pediatrician or Slater Pharmacy. We will work with your health care professionals to create compounded treatments that will be accepted by your child and help promote their good health.